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Important Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

With up to sixty-nine percent of the adult population missing one or more teeth, dental implants are becoming a popular tooth replacement options. Regardless of the cause of the tooth loss, you have to decide on a suitable replacement option from the several available today. Among the available tooth replacement options, dental implants seem to stand above the rest because they offer benefits that no other option does. If you are considering replacing one or more missing or damaged teeth with implants, consider the top benefits below.

All the other teeth replacement options are limited in regard to the number of teeth they can replace which is why the versatility of implants makes them stand out; they can be fitted to replace a single tooth or multiple, hence, aiding in finding a suitable treatment. Dental implants as tooth replacement options are more comfortable than all the other available options; they resemble and feel like natural teeth. Choosing dental implants means you getting replacements that are as close to the real teeth as possible; due to the availability of a variety of shapes and sizes, you will get the perfect match for the gap.

Losing a tooth or damaging one leaves a gap in your jawbone that often leads to bone loss due to lack of stimulation which it needs to maintain its mass, but when the implants are embedded into the jaw, this stimulation is restored, helping to prevent bone loss. If you are missing or more teeth, your biting force is the first thing that will be affected and since the other replacement options do not restore nearly as much of the bite force, implants are the best options you are left with.

You should be ready to have crooked and unstable teeth if you are having gaps in your jawbone unless they are filled with dental implants. Taking care of dental implants is easy; just brush and floss like you normally would with natural teeth and forget about the rest. When there are no gaps in your jawbone where bacteria and food particles can accumulate, you are significantly lowering your chances of developing gum disease.

They provide a permanent tooth replacement option that feels and look like natural teeth; they are usually fused with the jawbone to ensure they last a lifetime. Implant is what you need to prevent the appearance of aging signs and facial sagging that is coming sooner or later majorly because of the bone loss caused by one or more missing teeth. Discussed are the important reasons to choose dental implants as a tooth replacement option.

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